Life of a Neuron was created in collaboration with the Society for Neuroscience—a partnership that has empowered artists and scientists to push boundaries, and thanks to 21st-century technology tell the story of our neurons through technology-based art.
Life of a Neuron brings artists and scientists together for a groundbreaking collaboration to explore how the brain shapes the shared human experience. Through collaboration with the Society for Neuroscience and the world’s leading scientists and creatives, this immersive exhibit will allow us to experience a neuron—from pre-birth to death—providing an experiential view of life at a cellular level.
My role on this project was animator and technical artist. I took assets designed by emmett feldman and put them in motion. I built previz templates in after effects and converted custom multi-camera rigs into houdini/REDSHIFT. in addition to that, i was responsible for setting up a remote render farm in order to render the 132 Megapixels per frame.
Below are images of the show in Washington d.c.

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