Obscura created 26TB (a feature film's-worth) of pre-rendered and generative media content to play 24/7/365 on the world's largest permanent array of LED screens, in the Spectacle at MGM Cotai. While such LED arrays are normally used for advertising or branding, we approached the creative concept with an activist intention. Our overarching theme transforms these 25 large-scale screens into "Windows of the World," offering a jaw-dropping kaleidoscopic perspective on the macro and micro wonders of nature, culture and language, with the goal of encouraging human connection, cross-cultural understanding, and environmental stewardship.
My role on this was Motion Graphic Artist and Technical Artist. I created 2 of the 10 minute segments that spanned the 25 screen array. Keeping movement, look and feel consistent across the expansive room required previewing work in VR in order to gauge how the work will be perceived by audiences. I also assisted with technical challenges, deliveries and rendering for this massive undertaking.

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