Indigo slate brought me on this project to develop and pitch concepts with their creative team.
"Through hundreds of still and motion experiments, we discovered NEO’s visual identity. Reinventing NEO as a singular virtual event, we’ve aligned all materials under one distinctive graphical look and feel—a modern expression of fluidity and technology that evokes a sense of wonder in the moment and a curiosity for the future. Illumination adds vibrancy and meaning, representing the learner and their journey of growth. Motion and atmosphere offer dimension and a sense that the learner’s world is expanding to something greater. The layers themselves are warm and human, joining to demonstrate how we come together to achieve unthinkable wonders—allowing each of us to truly make an impact."  from indigoslate website
Executive Creative Director - Michael Bartley
Group Creative Director - Chris Elliott
Creative Director - Dan Vanderhei
Mid-Level Designer - Faith Hua
Designer - Brennan Commons
Principal Technical Writer and Editor - Ben Sampson
3D Artist - Brandon McFarland
Senior Account Director - Liz Fendell
Customer Success Manager - Andy Farnum
Project Manager - Makini Peterkin
Technical Writer and Editor -Jessica DiBartolo
Quality Assurance Specialist - Camille Seguette
Manager of Quality Assurance - Nicole Fourman

Early concepts and style frames

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